Liveblogging Day 14: Digital Organizing

Liveblogging Day 14: Digital Organizing

Tara Bellucci
Jan 21, 2013

As I mentioned on Day 2, I'm a hoarder/purger. The thing that most often gets purged is paper. I hate keeping it. I have yet to develop the ability to keep a decent file system, so most of my life is digital. And that is surely messy enough, so I decided it was time I enforced some organization on my virtual world.

I had been lackadaisical with creating a file hierarchy, but today was a kick in the pants kind of day to get it done. As a freelance writer/photographer, I have a lot of different files for a handful of different projects, and just tossing them all in "Documents" was no longer a useful solution. Each project now has a master folder, with sub-folders that work for me. I'm hoping to get a new external hard drive for photos, but until then, I think I can stick to this!

Another digital task that needs a little organizing is keeping track of daily deal purchases. Inspired by how Melissa found over $2,500 in "free money", I'm starting to collect my expired deals and forgotten crowdfunding perks. It's a process of phone calls and conversations, but you can always claim your deals for their paid value, even after they expire.

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Is your digital world clean or cluttered?

Day 14: Get Papers & Files in Order

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