Liveblogging Day 9: Entryway Flow

Liveblogging Day 9: Entryway Flow

Tara Bellucci
Jan 14, 2013

While going along on this January Cure journey, I've come to realize just how important your entry flow is to maintaining your home. What exactly do I do when I walk in my front door? I really tried to think through my movements and set up a system that was easy to stick with. Here's what I came up with:

Though I wipe my feet on my doormat outside my apartment, winter weather means lots of gross stuff still gets tracked into the house. I have a tendency to kick off my shoes immediately in the small entry, which leads to a tripping hazard for whomever is heading to the bathroom (to the right of the front door).

So I bought a cheap boot tray and added some river rocks I got on clearance at Michael's (I swear they're not paying me, I just spend a lot of time there). It will only hold three pairs of shoes, so I'll be forced to put any others away.

I used to lose my keys and sunglasses all the time, so I found this sorter at a thrift shop last year and hung it. It's a place to hold anything that needs to go out the door: outgoing mail, keys, umbrella, etc. It's not the prettiest piece, but it will do.

Since I moved the tealight holders to the outbox, I've hung some Command hooks in their place. This stops me from tossing my coat on the sofa or having it bulkily hang on the back of my bedroom door. In time, I might upgrade to a cool coatrack, but for now, this utilitarian system works.

The gossip bench is where I drop my bag and sort incoming mail into the magazine rack above. Though I'm not in love with the piece itself, I do like having something in that spot as a place to set down anything I'm carrying. I'll have to find a replacement bench or table eventually.

The only thing missing is a wastepaper basket to immediately trash junk mail. Maybe with a new, higher bench, I could stick one under it?

How is your entryway flow?

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