9 Hyper-Efficient Tiny Spaces That Get it Right

published Dec 22, 2017
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(Image credit: Husman Hagberg)

Tiny homes and tiny apartments are chock full of amazing ideas for living simply and stylishly no matter how much space you’ve got to work with, after all, you gotta get creative when your square footage clocks in around 300. We rounded up all the best petite powerhouses we featured this year, so go ahead and borrow inspiration from these hyper-efficient spaces.

Mandi from Vintage Revivals took a sad, dated, basically uninhabitable 1973 Bell travel trailer and turned it into this jealousy inducing “after”. Lesson learned from this transformation? Don’t be afraid to have some fun (and use up every inch of wall space).

(Image credit: Handcrafted Movement)

A creation of Matt at Handcrafted Movement, this tiny home measures 250 square feet, including the loft, and is a study in mixing materials. From the concrete surfaces and copper accents to the rich and hearty wood throughout, the compact home is definitely not lacking in style.

(Image credit: Escape Vista)

The Vista, a little house on wheels with a much more modern design than you would usually expect from a tiny house (or a trailer home, which is essentially what this is) features a super cool pop-up TV that requires no additional furniture—a technical feat that works for such a small space.

(Image credit: Innermost House)

We found this home on Fair Companies (where you can watch a video tour of it), but perhaps what we love most about it is that it doesn’t use its size to dictate its storage. Where there’s a blank wall, there’s a space for lots and lots of books.

(Image credit: Mint Tiny House Company)

Clean and decluttered is the name of the game from this petite house from Tiny House Town but here’s one takeaway to use in your own home: if your floor plan is limited in size, make sure to squeeze out all the storage you can, and don’t forget to look in the corners.

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(Image credit: Ana White)

See that bed there? It’s a GENIUS idea for the tiniest of homes (and the rest of the house is absolutely worth a look, as well).

(Image credit: Tonu Tunnel for Kodasema)

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(Image credit: Tiny Heirloom)

From Tiny Heirloom, the image shown here might not look that mind-blowing (though those cobalt cabinets deserve an award), but head on over to see the whole post and you’ll likely be left thinking “whoa, what?”

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(Image credit: Husman Hagberg)

Where most studio spaces are cramped and begging for more light, this Swedish home is bright and airy. Why? A clever use of interior “windows” that bring light in through the windows at the perimeter while still creating separate rooms.