Living in a Parking Garage Might Be Cooler than You Think

Living in a Parking Garage Might Be Cooler than You Think

Nancy Mitchell
Feb 16, 2015
(Image credit: Design Milk)

In America, we like our cars. And cars mean parking spaces — lots and lots of them. When some enterprising folks at the Savannah College of Art and Design learned that there are five parking spaces for every car in the US, they hatched a plan. Why not, they thought, build microhousing inside a garage?

(Image credit: Design Boom)

If living in a parking garage sounds dreary to you, the prototypes the SCADders (SCADdians?) created in a garage on their Atlanta campus might convince you otherwise. They created three 135 square foot cabins, which each have a small bathroom, a kitchen, and a couch that doubles as a bed. They also have a wall of windows and a small private deck, both features any New Yorker would kill for.

The opposite side of the SCADpad pictured up top. All of the pads were decorated by current and former SCAD students.
(Image credit: Design Milk)

And the SCADpads aren't just a design exercise — since the spring semester 2014 they've been inhabited by enterprising students and faculty (one of whom wrote an amusing account of their experience here).

(Image credit: SCADpad)

The creators of the project estimate that each SCADpad costs about $40,000 to build, which could make them a viable solution for housing young people in dense urban areas with little affordable housing. As city dwellers increasingly favor public transportation over driving, more and more parking garage space will go unused — space that, with a little effort, could be transformed into someone's happy home.

To see more photos and read more about the program, check out Design Milk and the program's homepage at

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