Living in an Apartment Means Never Having to Do Anything

Living in an Apartment Means Never Having to Do Anything

Tess Wilson
Jul 10, 2014

The title of this post may be a slight exaggeration, but a recent 4-hour trip to Menard's made me think wistfully of Mitch Hedberg: "I went to the Home Depot yesterday, which was unnecessary; I need to go to the Apartment Depot. It's just a bunch of guys standing around going, 'Hey, we ain't gotta fix s#*t.'"

Renovating the house we're going to move into while prepping our current house for sale means that nearly every available minute is devoted to home improvement projects. The 3-day holiday weekend allowed for 30+ hours of scrubbing, priming, painting, grouting, and backsplash-installing, not to mention all of the brainstorming, researching, and errand running. This is, of course, in addition to the usual endless barrage of laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, house maintenance, and other chores that (most) everyone has to do. It's just that that used to be all I had to do. Sure, living in expensive San Francisco meant working 45-70hours/week, but when I had days off, I was off. I marvel now that I used to sit around and wonder, "What shall I do today? Stroll to Community Thrift and then read in the park? Go for a swim, hit Crossroads and Goodwill, and then meet a friend for lunch? Make homemade pasta, walk around the city for 5 hours, and then go to a friend's art opening? La-dee-da!" Sure, I had to squeeze my chores in there somewhere (usually after work when I was too tired to have fun anyway so I might as well suck it up), but there were vast swaths of free time — or as least if felt like there were, now that we're deep in double-renovation mode.

If you've gone from the apartment lifestyle to house mode or vice versa, what are the biggest changes you note?

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