A Plastic-Free Life?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Emira recently wrote on domicile about deciding to start paying more attention to the use of plastics in her kitchen. It makes sense to us; we try to avoid unnecessary plastic in our home as much as we can, for various reasons. The fact that not all plastics can be recycled, the possibility that they may leak chemicals into foods. . .who needs it?

We think it’d be virtually impossible to actually give up all plastics. But one Canadian woman is determined to live plastic-free in 2007, and she’s blogging her progress here.

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EnviroWoman’s rule is that she can’t buy or accept products containing or packaged in plastic — although she can borrow them, and use what plastics were in her possession on December 31, 2006. Her reason is that she wants to “kick [her] environmental footprint down a notch.” It’ll be interesting to read about her progress throughout the year.

Image: EnviroWoman – Change Everything