23 Incredible Living Rooms to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

updated Sep 7, 2023
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a colorful bohemian room with contrasting patterns on the rugs and pillows
Credit: Rebecca U.

Even if you’re working with a tiny space, a well-devised living area sets the tone for the rest of your place. And as there’s no shortage of swoon-worthy living rooms and family rooms on the web, we rounded up 23 of our favorite living room decor ideas to help you brainstorm your own home resolutions and living room layouts.

Whether it’s decorating with wall paint or gallery walls, velvet sofas or flashy textiles, these rooms are designed to inspire — and drool over. Grab a coffee or tea and settle in, because we’ve got a lot to show you.

Living Room Colors

1. Statement Ceilings

Bold, chic, and more affordable than say, painting an entire room, upgrading your living room ceiling with paint makes a big interior statement without breaking your bank account. Check out the bold pink ceiling in this New York Victorian home.

2. Monochrome

Who says dark rooms can’t feel welcoming? The deep blue walls paired with a blue sofa in this Norwegian townhome give the living room a warm, cozy feel.

Credit: Alana Range

3. White Walls

White-washed walls are a simple way to make a big design statement. Take, for instance, the bright living room in this Brooklyn apartment.

Credit: Anik Polo

4. Black & White

When in doubt about which design direction to go within your living room, remember that black and white is always right. Along with providing a clean palette, a white-walled room (like the living room in this Swiss apartment) speckled with black (and dark gray) accent pieces creates a graphic scene that still manages to be minimalist.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

5. Dark & Moody

A dark-painted living room definitely doesn’t have to be dim. Take for instance this deep gray-colored living room in Toronto, which employs light-toned textiles and plenty of natural light to warm up the otherwise dark and moody space.

6. Go Bold

For some designers, what might be too much color for some is just enough in their living rooms. Case in point: Christian Siriano’s eclectic Connecticut home where brightly painted blue walls, orange accessories, and multi-colored textiles blend harmoniously and make for an unexpectedly refined scene.

7. Earth Tones

Searching for a way to liven up a neutral living room without distracting from the color palette? Earth-toned patterned textiles and accessories, especially throw pillows and rugs (as seen in this stunning Spanish home) are a clever way to vamp up an otherwise muted space without being distracting.

Living Room Furniture

Credit: Cathy Pyle

1. Rustic Touches

Forget down-home country decor; when done correctly, rustic design elements — like the wooden table in this Scandi-influenced U.K. living room — can be surprisingly sophisticated.

2. Colorful Sofas

Sometimes all it takes to update your living room is a good-looking sofa in an eye-catching color. Take one look at the buttery yellow beauty in this San Francisco studio and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

3. Hanging Chairs

Looking for a fashionable way to bring more furniture into your small living room without taking up any floor space? Hanging swing chairs — like this one from Tiffany Napper’s New Orleans home, are incredibly space-savvy — and pretty fun to sit in too.

Living Room Walls

Whoever implied that gallery walls were over must not have ever seen this over-the-top gallery wall. Take a cue from the living room in this bright Oakland loft and offset your neutral color palette with a big and bright art arrangement to make a statement.

A good gallery wall is a gift that keeps on giving. Fashion your own unique salon-style arrangement for your living room by simply leaning your artwork along a floating shelf or picture ledge (as seen in this Toronto home) for a streamlined display that’s easy to install and move around should you feel like shaking things up.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

3. Floating Shelves

If you thought floating shelves and picture ledges were reserved for storage, then think again. Install a slim shelf above your sofa for a clean way to display your favorites à la this cozy Toronto rental, or mount a few on your wall to stash your books and baubles in style.

4. Add Texture

The wall space behind the sofa in this Toronto apartment features an array of different textures, from wooden shelves to textile art to thrift store finds.

Credit: Sylvie Li

5. Exposed Brick

The exposed brick wall in this Montreal loft adds warmth to an otherwise light and airy living room.

Living Room Lighting

1. Statement Lighting

Searching for the perfect finishing touch to upgrade your living room decor? An eye-catching pendant lamp or chandelier, like the one in this Chicago rental brings instant sophistication to a space; no new sofa or love seat necessary.

2. Floor Lamps

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic floor lamp (like the one in this Texas living room).

3. Industrial Lighting

The industrial chandelier in this stylish show home gives the space a cool, edgy vibe.

Other Living Room Ideas

1. Indoor Garden

Looking for a way to make an eco-friendly statement in your living room without sacrificing any square footage? Install some floating shelves or an industrial rack (like the one seen here in the home of Kota Kobayashi) to create a wall of houseplants.

2. Potted Plants

It’s amazing how just a single potted plant can make such a statement — like it does in this industrial apartment in Brooklyn. This towering cactus anchors the entire wall here while providing a natural pop of color.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

3. Modern Rustic

Who says a rustic living room can’t be chic? For a more streamlined country-inspired living room, play up natural elements — think: wood floors, real wood logs, and even antlers like this living room in this cozy Canadian farmhouse — to create a homey feel that doesn’t feel too rural.

4. Bohemian Vibes

If you thought a bohemian-inspired living room couldn’t also be luxe, then think again. Bridget Schwartz’s eclectic Oakland apartment is brimming with boho elements — think: houseplants, artisanal furniture, and earth-toned textiles — that when paired with colorful art and accessories, manages to look surprisingly sophisticated.

Credit: Rebecca U.

5. Pattern Play

Soft-colored walls and natural wood floors provide the perfect backdrop for experimenting with boldly patterned prints in vivid colors like in this cheery California home.