6 Things All Trendy Living Rooms Will Have in 2024, According to Designers

published Jan 9, 2024
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Blue and green living room.
Credit: Photography by Kristen Francis; Interior Design by Kerri Pilchik

Now that the new year is officially underway, you may be craving a bit of a refresh in your living room. Maybe it’s the living room layout or furniture that could use some tweaking, or you’re in the mood to explore a new color palette entirely. Whatever the case, if you get excited to know what designers are doing in their own projects (or seeing in new chic hotels or restaurants), then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out what designers foresee being big in living room design this year. 

Game Tables FTW

Out for 2024: formal, stuffy living rooms. Today’s living spaces are made for playing games as a family, says designer Andrea Sinkin, the founder of Andrea Sinkin Design. “The living room has become more of a zone to reconnect and spend quality time away from technology,” she says. A dedicated game table makes it easy to come back to do puzzles or LEGO creation later on in the week. Don’t be afraid to go even larger in scale than just a bitty side or accent tulip table, either.

“If there is space for a shuffleboard, pool table, or foosball table, that adds a whole different layer of entertainment for both adults and children,” Sinkin adds. Designer Kerri Pilchik, the founder of Kerri Pilchik Design, agrees that living rooms are becoming more multifunctional and supports the concept of incorporating a game table. “I think a room can be luxurious as well as functional,” she says. 

Pattern Play for Truly Fun Furnishings

Now’s the time to replace that plain chair, ottoman, or bench you’ve been meaning to get rid of with something vintage that speaks to you — particularly if it’s covered in a fabric that packs personality, says designer Diane Rath, the founder of The Rath Project. “There’s been an uptick in fun and unique patterns, colors, and details on larger pieces to highlight the personality of the individuals living in the space,” she explains. What to look for? According to Rath, the print you choose doesn’t have to be ultra-bold, if that’s not your speed. Keep an eye out for scallops, ruffles, contrast trim, and piping, as a few examples, and if you don’t want to totally part with a lackluster item, you can always recover or reupholster it instead.

Pops of Chrome

According to designer Chrissie Anthony Haim, the founder of Chrissie Home and Design, chrome is not “just for the bathroom anymore.” For 2024, this high-shine material will be making a splash in all trendy living rooms, too. “This could be as small as a tray, decorative box, or candlesticks and as big as an accent chair,” Haim says. “Adding just a splash of chrome keeps the living room feeling fresh and modern without looking dated.”

Credit: Sylvie Li

Deeper, Richer Wood Finishes

When it comes to everything from furniture to flooring, bring on the darker tones, says designer Jade McNeil, the founder of Jade McNeil Interiors. “Our clients have admitted to being tired of the gray and white wood finishes,” she says. “They’re looking for something richer and warmer to either add contrast to a bright space or complement a moody space.” Plus, as McNeil points out, these warmer woods make a room feel more natural and organic — perfect whether you’re trying to nail a more modern, warm minimalist design style or you want to go a more traditional route. 

Wall Sconces

Sconces aren’t just for bedrooms and bathrooms. “Wall sconces provide ambient lighting and work as wall decor,” says designer Alicia Hassen, the founder of Brooklinteriors; those are two things most any living room can benefit from, too. Her top picks are designs in brass and alabaster, but she also likes vintage sconces paired with patterned, rattan, or pleated shades. Renters can use plug-ins, puck lights, or candle sconces to get the look without rewiring. 

Credit: Photography by Kristen Francis; Interior Design by Kerri Pilchik

Cozy, More Quirky Color Palettes

Designer Callie Rippolone predicts that open floor plans will not completely disappear this year, but living rooms will feel more tighter-knit. “Because of this, we will be seeing more colorful walls and trim, as it is not carried into the entire kitchen or elsewhere,” the founder of By Callie Rippolone Design explains.

That’s exactly what you’re seeing in this living room designed by Pilchik, too — lime green window frames, dark green crown molding, and light gray-blue grasscloth. Think of your living room like a jewel box, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new shades. A whole home doesn’t have to have the same exact trim. Taking a design risk in your living room this way can yield a big payoff, as many of us spend so much time there.