Living Simply: Surfwise, The Film

Living Simply: Surfwise, The Film

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 23, 2008

The 24' Camper - Truly Tiny Living

Sara Kate and I have often talked about just taking off and hitting the road for a year before Ursula gets too old and has to go to school. We'd live small and light and see the world. There was a family in the New York Times that did it a few years back (for a year), and we ate it up. Then there was the Janssen's Live Lightly Tour last spring...

Surfwise: Consider this the family version

Behind all of this is a belief that travel of this sort provides a path to happiness and personal meaning away from the consumption and cares of the homebound, workaday world. It is also a challenge and a trust fall. Can I do it?

Dorian, the father and fearless leader

Surfwise is the true story of a family that not only did it, they did it for a long time in a 24 foot camper with 9 children and inspired and horrified many for doing so. This remarkable film by Doug Pray tells the tale rivetingly well:

The Whole Crew (all boys & one girl)

There are many different ways to drop off the grid, but few dropped off with such style and urgency as Dorian Paskowitz, the paterfamilias of what is lovingly and at times enviably described as the first family of surfing. It was an intensity in part born of his passionately felt engagement with history as a Jew, which took him from Stanford Medical School in the 1940s to button-down respectability in the 1950s and, thereafter, on the road and into the blue yonder with a devoted wife, nine children, a succession of battered campers and the surfboards that were by turns the family's cradles, playpens, lifelines and shields.

If you have ever been tempted to hit the road, challenge conventional wisdom, live with very little and search for health and happiness, this is for you.

>> Surfwise - The Film

No Shoes!


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