Living Small: Pine Forest Cabin

Nestled on a hillside in Eastern Washington, this modern cabin by Seattle-based Balance Associates Architects proves that you don’t need a big budget or lots of space to create a cozy and beautiful home.

The house consists of an elevated box on top of two concrete walls, a strategy that minimizes site disturbance while opening up views to the surrounding valley. The layout of the box is divided into two halves – entering through the front door you pass a small bedroom, utility room and bathroom before arriving at an open great room with expansive views and lots of natural light. A generous outdoor deck serves as an extension of the living space and enhances the connection to nature. Working with a tight budget, economical materials were employed in simple but effective ways and include the use of 4’x8′ plywood panels, inexpensive kitchen cabinets, open shelving and industrial light fixtures.

For more information, visit Balance Associates Architects website.

(Images: Steve Keating for Balance Associates Architects)