5 Tips For Dividing Household Jobs

5 Tips For Dividing Household Jobs

Rebecca Orlov
Jun 23, 2009
[Boy's job is setting up the charcoal in the BBQ because he enjoys it!]
We've spent quite a few posts at Apartment Therapy talking about moving in together, living together, the pros and cons of it all. Along this line, another topic that we want to chat about is tips on deciding what jobs or responsibilities each person has and how owning it makes for a happy home.

Living together can be tricky if communication is not involved. Aside from what furniture pieces you guys are meshing together or where you are placing everything, working out household responsibilities is also important. Here are a few tips on working this out. And we'd love to hear how you all have tackled this as well.

1. Sit down, relax and chat and get everything on the table. Talk with your partner or roommate about what your own thoughts are and what exact responsibilities you both have in mind. By sharing this information up front, and say, agreeing to hire someone to clean the house, will make for clear understanding about how your home will be cared for. Also, this is a time to talk about what tasks you want to be responsible for doing.

2. Talk about time expectations. People work and live at different paces. If your partner's task is to take out the trash, and he/she does this once a week but you prefer twice a week, talk about this. Then you won't be waiting or building a little resentment when your partner's jobs aren't done in your time line.

3. As you are talking, pick your chores. If both of you don't want one of the chores, a little rock, paper, scissors does the trick. Make it fun! Everyone goes through this decision making process when living with someone else.

4. Own it! Yes, this is important. Once you take on your list of responsibilities, do them. By not living up to your end of the bargain or doing these things with a frown will only make for tension in your home. If you are unhappy with the deal you made, try tip #1 again. It can all be worked out.

5. While it is your home and caring for it is important, try to keep it mellow. Even people that live alone can get bummed when they leave their own dishes in the sink for a few days but it's ok - don't be so hard on yourself. Give your partner and yourself a break and know that chores will get done.

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