Living Vicariously Through Kelley Moore’s DIY Parties

I never attended my high school prom because I thought I was “too cool for school.” I only recently started to rethink my decision when my friend sent me the link to Kelley Moore’s design and entertaining web series. The So Much Moore with Kelley Moore web series features a flashback prom party and other fabulous DIY parties and designs.

Kelley Moore demonstrates how to create a memorable party or a creative design without regretting the expense later. While watching the episodes, she had me hooked at fabulous and DIY. Starting on Mondays, new segments are featured each day to build up to Friday’s full episode.


  • Flashback Prom Party: Kelley surprises her friend by transforming an office loft into an over the top prom party.
  • Giving Back Under the Big Top: A special circus themed party complete with jars of colorful candy is planned for the kids of the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Let’s Get Physical: Kelley creates a home gym with the advice from a fitness expert and a few DIY tricks.
  • The Art of Being a Bachelor: A single guy consults with Kelley on how to makeover his appearance and his bachelor pad.
  • Retirement Community Revamp: A senior living facility receives much needed attention and a dining room redesign.
  • Urban Garden Party: Kelley helps a young couple bond with their new neighbors, while creating a design for the building’s outdoor garden.

(Images: Kelley Moore)