Living With: A Pack Rat

Living With: A Pack Rat

Kristen Lubbe
Sep 23, 2009

This weekend we decided to tackle our office (even though we've been living in this home for a year). Due to the length of time that we've been living together I knew that my boyfriend was borderline OCD about keeping every possession that held even a shred of sentiment.

Luckily, we organized, cleaned and painted our office. Heck, we even refinished a chair we found in a thrift store for $2 — without tears or red faces. We can't say there weren't a few "UGH!" or "REALLY?!" thrown around that inevitably left me walking out of the room and plopping on the couch to leave my boyfriend to do the rest.

The reason for so much frustration is that I'm in essence a minimalist. Not in the absolute true meaning of the word, but I can live with very little. My boyfriend on the other hand, has piles and piles of stuff (usually pretty well hidden, but the closets will be filled to the brim). When I bring up the idea of sorting, or god forbid purging — stand back!

We know we aren't the only ones that have had to slink our way around this topic. How do you deal with living with a pack rat?


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