Living with Less, Week 3: Linen Closets

Living with Less, Week 3: Linen Closets

Landis Carey
Feb 10, 2011

It's only my second week of paring back and I already feel GREAT! Our home seems so much lighter. I can now easily see my wardrobe, subsequently minimizing the daily deliberation of what to wear. This past week I took the purging one step further by addressing our linen closet. I've learned a ton by doing so, and I'm ready to share...

Our linen closet's adjacency to our master bedroom punched-up my reaction to the entire purging process. It's centrally located on the second floor: to its right is a bathroom and to its left is the second floor's smallest bedroom. Frequently walking by those cute double doors (pictured above), I'm reminded of my project to Live with Less and feel inspired.

Project Recap: During Living with Less, Week 2: Clothes and Coat Closets, I pared-down my clothing from three bedroom closets to just the one in our master bedroom. Success, I declare!

Lessons Learned: Living with Less, Week 3

  • Assess: Remove everything from the closet and place it on your bed or table. Separate items by category: bath towels; hand towels; washcloths; sheets; blankets. Compare what you have and determine what is unnecessary.
  • Paring Back: In contrast to the experience I had with my wardrobe, I realized there wasn't anything to remove from our linen closet; if this is your conclusion as well, it's okay. On the other hand, if you find unnecessary linens and towels, be ruthless! Remember: keep only those items that are essential, valued and beautiful.
  • Organizing: Instead of paring back, I simply needed to better organize by neatly grouping similar items and folding my fitted sheets.
  • Multi-Purpose Storage: Having a place to store cleaning products on the second floor was very important to me, and after organizing the shelves, I realized it was possible. I carved out a space at the bottom of the closet, making the supplies conveniently accessible.

Questions? Comments? Are you following along or thinking about doing so? Let us know!

(Image: Landis Carey)

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