Living With On-Demand Hot Water Heater

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve blogged about the virtues of on-demand hot water heater, and Re-nest readers contributed to the discussion with their own experiences. Now that we’re living with it, we’d like to chime in.

We love that we’re not wasting energy, but we’re having the same issue as chandru, who experienced the water heater shutting off in low flow conditions. Flush one of our toilets or switch on the dishwasher if an unlucky soul is in the shower, and they get alternately frozen and boiled.

It’s a rental, so there’s not so much we can do to increase the water pressure. We’re thinking we’ll reduce the water flow rate to the toilets by closing down the supply valves to see if that preserves enough water for the on-demand heater to do its thing.

We can’t be the only people out there with this problem. What do you suggest for a fix?