Lizzo Shows Us Just How Good Copper Looks in any Kitchen

updated Oct 9, 2020
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Credit: Tsuni-USA/Shutterstock

Of course, Lizzo’s teeny-tiny Valentino bag was the absolute star of the “Truth Hurts” rapper’s “73 Questions” video for Vogue. But…did you see her copper-colored kitchen? It’s warm, inviting, and really the only place you’ll want to hang out for the rest of quarantine.

The kitchen is the first room Lizzo takes Vogue into during the rapid-fire interview, during which she literally serves the tea—herbal for the interviewer and a “none-of-your-business” blend for herself. The place is dripping with copper-toned accents, including copper cooking utensils, a copper citrus juicer, copper-handled knives, a copper range hood, and even a copper-colored stain on the cabinetry.

However, the copper color is able to stand out and rule over the design without being overwhelming thanks to Lizzo’s expert metal mixing. Her appliances appear to be stainless steel, and the red-toned wood cabinets are outlined in a matching light-silver tone. 

Copper is a tone that is usually incorporated into a kitchen design on a small scale, either in a range hood, like Lizzo’s, or as a faucet fixture. The metal is usually worked into more traditional design schemes, yet Lizzo managed to keep her copper kitchen extremely up-to-date and with a mid-century modern flair.

If you love the warmth Lizzo’s copper-themed kitchen brings to the home, you can start working bits of copper into your own design. These knives from Cambridge Silversmiths are similar in style to Lizzo’s own knife block.

Or, pick up that cool copper citrus juicer that was stashed under Lizzo’s neon sign. This one from is almost an exact dupe (if not the actual thing).

Lizzo’s kitchen definitely kicks traditional to the curb with its copper touches and mixed-metals—and this truth definitely doesn’t hurt.