LMac Concept: Using LEGOs To Customize Your Mac

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about LEGOs and Macs. Still, this is the first time that the concept has been really thought out. Before we only had mods that made Macs look like they were made out of LEGO bricks or cases made out of them. The LMac is made using as many LEGOs as possible and is something that most people would just love to have around.

With LEGO putting out MindStorms and Technic sets, it’s no wonder that someone thought about putting computers and LEGOs together. The LMac is a fully functional OS X Mac and is geared toward kids aged 8 years and upwards. Basically, this Mac is supposed to come as a LEGO kit, if you would believe. You’d have to assemble it to make it function. There would be different variations. Bricks can be different colors, themes, LED lights, and even programmable E-ink displays would be available.

We find this concept really interesting. However, for some reason, we think a small PC would be easier and cheaper to integrate into LEGO branding. Something that can be used to control other LEGO kits, like a Technic or a MindStorm set. We get the feeling that too much could go wrong in this setup. Still, it’s really neat idea and we’re sure that DIY-enthusiasts will find ways to make it work, since it will never see the light of production. [via MacLife]