Local Means Fresh and Healthy with Seedlings, Too

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We shop for locally grown food from farmers markets, but what about our garden plants? Here are 5 reasons you should skip the garden center at Home Depot or other big Box stores and visit a farm or locally-owned garden center to buy seedlings—the first of which is healthier plants.

Many of us buy plants for our garden from larger nurseries or garden centers because of the price. But because these places import plants in from around the country, there are several reasons to reconsider.

Recently on bostononzest.com, we read an interview with the owners of Allandale Farm and Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, both local to Boston. They talked about the advantages to buying plant seedlings that are grown locally and stressed that locally grown plants are:

– less likely to be stressed by excessive traveling and handling,
– less likely to be over watered and fertilized (for the trip),
– less prone to disease
– more suited for the local climate
– supporting your local farming community.

As avid gardeners, we were sort of embarrassed not to have thought too hard of where we got our plants. We used to also be seduced by garden catalogs that shipped in plants from nearby states, just because the photos were so good. But with several local garden centers and a few farms nearby, we’ll stick with them. What about you guys? Where do you buy your garden plants? Do you have any local suggestions?

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(Images: BostonZest)