Local Parks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Like most apartment dwellers, our home is lacking a private outdoor area. This has always been one of our only problems with renting (well, that and landlords who won’t let you paint the walls; we hate that), but it doesn’t have to be the end of outdoor life as you know it. If you take into account the public parks of your city, your living space increases a few (hundred thousand) square feet.

No, we’re not advocating taking up residency in the Panhandle. But using the parks in your city boosts your quality of life in ways a new rug or TV stand just won’t. We all need outdoor time, preferably minus the sound of car alarms or the smell of urine, and spending a Saturday with a picnic or volleyball in your local park is a great activity that shouldn’t require getting in a car or spending any money.

We just stumbled across Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, and it’s our new favorite spot for lazy Sunday strolls. Which local park is your favorite?