Locate the Beating Heart of Your Room

Locate the Beating Heart of Your Room

Dabney Frake
Oct 14, 2015
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Today's topic: Identify the most "important" part of your room around which to build the rest of your space.

There are a million and one paths you can take to a “finished” and decorated room, and they all have the potential to be beautiful and reflect your taste and sensibilities. There's no single right means or end. In order to keep this fact from totally overwhelming us, sometimes it helps to put a few pillars in place — fixed choices that anchor the room and provide a jumping off point for the rest of the design. These things remain at the core of all future decisions, your touchstone to return to when you waffle, and will keep you on track when you're faced with decision after decision down the road. And it should start with the things you like best.

The heart of your room might exist already, just waiting for you to identify it, or it might be something you have your eye on to buy. Here are a couple of potential places to start looking for yours.

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Find Your Room's Focal Point

Is the view outside your huge window a stunning one, and do you want to gaze at it for hours on end? Or maybe you want a room whose sole purpose is to let you watch movies. Whatever your priorities are, identify that one important feature that you want front and center, around which everything else should revolve. Once you acknowledge that focus, other decisions — say, about furniture placement — get easier and more transparent.

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Choose An Object You Love

This is your room, and it should start with something that you absolutely love. As you did your retail research, was there one showstopper element that grabbed your attention again and again? It might be a tremendous chandelier, or even a particular wallpaper pattern you’ve been lusting over for years. It might also be something you already own, like a crazy quilt you bought on a trip to Vermont, or a vintage patterned sofa that you've moved with twice after inheriting it five years ago. Either way, it should make you smile and represent what you want for the rest of the room. It also just might become the focal point of your room.

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Pick Your Favorite Color (Combo)

Color is a huge inspiration for a lot of people, so it makes sense to start with a color that speaks loudly to you. This might be a particular shade that you've loved all your life, a particular color combination that appeals to you these days. Or, you might know that you naturally gravitate towards warm vs. cool colors. If your all-time favorite color is navy blue, and know you want to use it, embrace that. It doesn't mean that you'll paint all your walls that color (although you can), but you know that you want it to be part of the room.

Next Lesson: You’ll finally put aside all your fears about using color.

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