Lodge Decor At The 101 Coffee Shop

If you’re like us (and live in Los Angeles) you’ve gladly braved the thirty degree temps and rain this week. It’s cold weather like this that occurs during the holiday season that makes us want to spend time somewhere cozy. This morning, that certain place was the 101 Coffee Shop whose decor makes us feel like we’re snowed in at a Mountain Lodge–complete with a white Christmas Tree.

The interior was designed by Warner Ebbink who created the look after researching retro diners from the 60’s and 70’s. Our favorite touch is definitely the stone wall found behind a row of muted leather booths which makes for the very cozy vibe. In this context, the glass globe pendant lights feel retro but modern at the same time. We like how the space feels vintage but not so much that you couldn’t easily take elements of the decor and translate into your own home. A nice finishing touch that adds to the welcoming vibe are the family photos hung salon style on the restaurants walls.

Apartment Therapy readers, what are some of the cozier places that you retreat to in your town that echo a similar vibe?

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(Images: 1 & 2, Beth Zeigler, 3-5 Courtesy of 101 Coffee Shop)