Lofty Inspiration from the Movie Ghost

With Patrick Swayze’s recent passing, we all remembered that “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” I also remembered seeing a recent article in LoftLife magazine regarding a very familiar looking loft.

The article did not say it was the same loft as depicted in the movie Ghost, so I wasn’t 100% sure. A little more digging around on the internet and I found this article via Toronto Condos. Turns out, it is indeed the loft in the film — sort of. The owner decided she did not want to disrupt her family’s life with a full scale film production, so instead gave the blueprints of the loft to the filmakers and an almost exact replica was built on a Paramount soundstage!

YOu can see even more images of sculptor Michele Oka Doner’s SoHo loft at LoftLife | The Pioneer.

(Images: John Neitzel/LoftLife)