Logitech Release First Solar Powered Keyboard

Logitech Release First Solar Powered Keyboard

Gregory Han
Nov 1, 2010

Every few weeks we have to drop in some freshly charged batteries into our Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Not really all a big deal, but it can be a small hassle while in the middle of a deadline to be bothered by the ominous "low power" warning. So we definitely like this idea from Logitech, harnessing the power of sunlight and indoor lighting for some free energy.

The 2.4GHz wireless Logitech Keyboard 750 reminds us a lot of our old junior high solar calculators, but widened out, with two horizontal arrays of panels up at the top of the shiny black keyboard. Remarkably, Logitech has engineered these $79.995 keyboards not only to work with just regular indoor lighting as an energy source, but they supposedly can stay charged up to 3 months in total darkness (perhaps catering to Alaskans?). A solar app included with the keyboard keeps you aware how much juice you've got left and how much energy you're pulling in from your surrounding lighting. It's just too bad this is a Windows-only peripheral, but then one can likely work just fine with OS X, sans bells and whistles.

The Corky mouse isn't solar, but in concept stores up energy via mouse clicks and rolling the scroll wheel via piezoelectric elements. Probably better than solar specific to the use and form of a mouse opposed to a keyboard.

Considering how much we type every day, perhaps another manufacturer could follow up with a keystroke-energy harnessing mechanism or a mouse that captures some of the kinetic energy from mousing? Oh yeah, the mouse concept was actually proposed as a concept at the annual Greener Gadgets conference, but we're still waiting for something like the 750 in market, since it's our mouse, not our keyboard, that drains fastest.

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