London's Famous Double Decker Buses Literally Run on Coffee

London's Famous Double Decker Buses Literally Run on Coffee

Kenya Foy
Dec 3, 2017
(Image credit: pabkov/Shutterstock)

One UK startup has discovered precisely how much coffee it takes to get an entire fleet of vehicles buzzing. The company is responsible for creating "B2O" biofuel, which enables London's famous double decker buses to run off coffee.

As it turns out, coffee grounds are far more potent than we realized. Don't get us wrong: We're still super stoked about using them as hair conditioner, homemade bug repellant (say buh-bye to those pesky ants), or to cover scratches on furniture, but this most inventive java-meets-fuel concoction proves that once and for all, coffee is king (no offense, tea drinkers).

According to Curbed, Bio-Bean gathers used coffee grounds from instant coffee companies, area restaurants, cafes and and schools. Then, an extraction process is used to pull the oil content from the grounds. Combining the extracted oil with fats, additional oils and mineral diesel then creates coffee-based fuel that is sustainable and strong enough to power the gigantic sightseeing buses.

The award-winning clean technology company has already churned out 1,500 gallons of B2O – enough to keep a single bus rolling through the streets of London for a year.

Aside from demonstrating how much better vehicles are at handling a caffeine high than humans, Bio-Bean's biofuel is compatible with the buses in the current state (no fancy mechanical modifications required), plus it significantly reduces the carbon footprint, emitting 10 to 15 percent less carbon dioxide than conventional diesel fuel and cutting the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by discarded coffee grounds that would otherwise wind up in landfills.

Bio-Bean has plans to continue to break new ground with its biofueling efforts, which the company believes could make its way stateside depending on the success of the B20 pilot.

"There is huge potential for this project to expand in the U.S., which drinks the most coffee on the planet, 400 million cups of per day," the company said in an official statement.

We haven't done the exact math, but that sounds like a whole lot of bus rides.

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