Look! 1 Block, 3 Yellow Doors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Going for a daily walk is a great way to notice trends in your neighborhood. Like when I walked down one street in Venice and realized that 3 of the houses had identically painted yellow front doors.

Call us crazy but we’re pretty sure that the Blueprint Article on the “Stepped Up Stoop” started this whole craze. And we can’t say that we blame anyone who gave it a shot, as we know, yellow can pack a good punch of energy. But 3 in 1 block? Do you think they organized it, or asked to use the leftover paint? Not only are they all on the same block, but 2 are next door to each other!

Would you paint your house, front door, or anything else the same color as your neighbor? Anyone have a neighbor blatantly copy them? Anyone own one of these 3 front doors that can answer our questions?

And finally, does this mean that yellow is over?