799 New Uses for Old Things

799 New Uses for Old Things

Landis Carey
Oct 15, 2010

In celebration of Creative Reuse month at Re-Nest, I browsed the Real Simple special publication 799 New Uses for Old Things. As "an encyclopedia of innovative ideas for everyday items," this little book is packed full of good ideas—a handful of my favorites are below the jump. However, not all of the suggestions in the issue are green living-related. For example, ideas for how to use an empty bleach bottle are cited. But it's overall a fun-to-browse resource.

Chalk: Avoid having to use harsh cleaners by slowing "the tarnish on the good silver. Tie up a few pieces of chalk in cheesecloth and store them with the cutlery to absorb moisture."

Banana Peel: "Grow healthier roses. Plant a peel at the base of a rosebush, an inch down in the soil. The potassium in the peel feeds the plant and helps fend off diseases."

Tutu: "Create an enchanting nightstand for a little girl's room. Wrap a tutu around a kitchen stool and secure it with staples or double-sided tape."

Cork: Avoid unnecessary damage and expense and "pamper your floors. Slice a cork into disks and glue one to each foot of heavy or often-moved furniture."

Umbrella: "Air-dry laundry. When an umbrella has lost the capacity to fend off raindrops, cut away the fabric and hang the frame upside down from a shower rod. Clip small, light items to the ribs with clothespins."

Real Simple just announced an updated version of this publication. They added 70 more suggestions for their book 869 New Uses for Old Things.

(Image: Real Simple)

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