Look: Animal-Inspired Architecture

Look: Animal-Inspired Architecture

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 16, 2008

During September's pet month here at Apartment Therapy, we've seen fun pet alternatives and gorgeous animal-inspired items for the home. Here in Austin, rumors have popped up about possible animal-inspired architecture in our city---and we've gathered some photos as evidence. Decide for yourself after the jump...

Some claim they can't see it, but it's hard to deny that when looking at our iconic Frost Tower from an angle, the face of an owl looks unmistakable. Many people try to guess as to why the building may have been built to look like an owl, but the fact remains that the Frost Bank logos that make up the eyes of the owl were added to the building after the original design was finished---casting doubt that any feathery resemblance was intentional.

As if one owl in a city weren't enough, the Main Building of the University of Texas also (from the right angle and in the right light) gives off the appearances of an owl. The rumor here is that a graduate student designed the building to resemble his former school's (Rice University) mascot. This information has never been confirmed, however.

Lastly we come to our very own City Hall, which was completed in the Fall of 2004 and was designed by the famous Antoine Predock, in association with Cotera, Kolar, Negrete, and Reed. Modern and beautiful, the building contains lots of sharp edges, interesting angles and gorgeous terraces. It also features a piece of the building that juts out onto 2nd Street, which some have said resembles an armadillo tail---long considered an informal mascot of Austin.

What do you think about these buildings? Can you see their animal resemblance? Any Austin residents know of some buildings I've missed? What are the buildings in your own city that seem to be inspired by animals?

[Photo credit: Opening photo from rerevealed.com; Frost Tower Owl by Flickr user JIMWICh; Main Building of The University of Texas photo from wikipedia.com; City Hall photos from Flickr user I am K.E.B. ]

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