Look! Apple Apple Pie

2008_12_09-ApplePie.jpgToo bad we didn’t see this during The Kitchn’s Best Pie Bakeoff; it would have been a hands-down winner. It’s an Apple apple pie!

2008_12_09-ApplePie02.jpgMost good cooks are geeks on some level; any time you really, really care about the details of getting something just right you can call that a form of geekery. But this takes cooking and geekery to a whole new level.

Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory created this tongue-in-cheek “Apple” pie by going “alpha-geek” and using a 45 watt carbon-dioxide laser to cut the lattice on top of the square pie. To get the square shape she used a square springform pan.

Ta-da! Apple pie – rather reminiscent of our AirPort Extreme, blinking quietly away in the corner of the office.

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Originally posted at The Kitchn

(Images: Flickr user L. Marie licensed for use under Creative Commons)