Look! Stylish Babyproofed Stairs and Railing in Mid-Century Home

published Sep 26, 2008
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If stylish babyproofing sounds like an oxymoron, think again. When Jora and her husband purchased a gorgeous 1962 “mid-century modern” home in San Diego last year they were thrilled, but with two young children they had to address a few safety issues, namely, the stairs and railing.

The biggest hurdle was 8 inch gaps in the railing – this wouldn’t do with a two little ones in the house. Here’s Jora:

We originally wanted to take the railing out and put in a new one, but an architect friend who specializes in mid-century design convinced us that it was beautiful and part of the design and integrity of the home and therefore, must be worked with. A friend gave us the idea to use 3Form – a fabulous, green product that can be used in countless ways. Here, we installed it directly onto the railings (specifically, they used Ion Wheat.). It has a beautiful translucent, natural look. Although we intended to take it down after the kids are bigger (they are 3 and 10 months now), friends have told us we should leave it up — it looks that good!

This still left the stairs to contend with.

A detailed view:

Wow, thanks for sharing this with us Jora! You’ve definitely proved that given some thought and research, making your home safe and comfortable for small children doesn’t have to undermine your aesthetic intentions.

Readers, you’re in for a treat. First, Jora writes an excellent blog, Domestic Reflections, so check that out. Second, her blog friend Joslyn of Simple Lovely has posted a tour of Jora’s house. (Remember that 80’s Panteen commercial staring Kelly LeBrock where she implored us not to hate her because she was beautiful? In that same vein, please don’t hate Jora because her house is beautiful!)