Look! Best Tech in Small Cool 2008 -- Part 2

Look! Best Tech in Small Cool 2008 -- Part 2

Sonia Zjawinski
May 7, 2008
As we continue with our look at the best tech in this year's Small Cool contest we go to Ginger's San Francisco loft where she's built a hanging shelf for her media center...

"I literally have only about 35 inches on the floor there, so I knew my big monster plasma wasn't going to work down there. I was prepared to mount the TV onto the wall, but then decided to do something different," explains Ginger.

She hired a union metal worker off of craigslist to come in and construct her staircase, and "we started spitballing about the TV." She and her union man realized that they could take advantage of her 17-foot high ceilings. Using scrap metal and galvanized steel, he built her a giant hanging platform for her 42-inch plasma by installing four metal rods in the ceiling that attach to a metal pan at the bottom. Underneath the pan and holding each rod in place are seismic supports to hold the weight.

"My metal guy says that it can hold about a ton and should withstand those SF shakers, but I certainly won't be hiding underneath it to test it when we have the next big one!"

The TV is pretty high up there, but Ginger's plush loveseat makes it easy to just sit back and enjoy the HDTV view.

She doesn't have a DVD player yet and has been wondering how to incorporate it in her minimal set-up. There's room on the pan for a small player or she's thought of getting a stand-up version that doubles as a CD player. She's looking for suggestions so if you have any comment away.

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