Look! Centerpiece Designed by a Preschooler

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ever have a hankering for something pretty for the table, but don’t have the time or wherewithal to run out and buy cut flowers? Why not participate in the long and storied tradition of putting your kids on the project?

Kids are natural designers. They bring a spontaneous, heartfelt sense of chaos (or an amazing level of persnicketiness, depending on the kid) to their endeavors… senses that we grown-ups spend our adult lives trying to recapture.

In this case, we set our three-year-old loose with a bunch of found objects from the natural world. (We have a kajillion of these — pinecones, rocks, shells, nuts, interestingly shaped sticks — collected from walks and hikes. It’s a good thing we have big pockets.) We gave him a driftwood plank (another found object) as a base and told him to arrange things however he wanted.

After much futzing (and after begging us to use his dad’s cherished soapstone Inukshuk), he came up with this rather Zen design. Serenity now!