Look! DIY High End Chandelier Using IKEA Bulbs

Look! DIY High End Chandelier Using IKEA Bulbs

Gregory Han
Dec 1, 2008

Ed Winston took his aspirational dreams of owning a $7020 Ilde Max chandelier (previously $11,700) and rerouted some energy into creating his own affordable DIY version using IKEA Hemma lights and some elbow grease. The results are admittedly not as fine tuned as the high-end version, but we still admire Ed's DIY moxy and the chandelier looks handsome considering he put it together himself (a thicker ring and more bulbs might improve the effect)...

The original light uses cloth wire which I was able to find in white, then dyed red. I was unsure about using the wire so used the Ikea lights instead. I would love to hear from anyone that has ideas on how to make this design more eco-friendly. While these bulbs are only 60W each I think it can be made better. Smaller bulbs take away from the size and design. I was thinking of running small led lights inside the bulb once the element burns out...some how.

Retail cost: $11,700, Instructable cost: $55.93

Check out Ed's full Instructables here. And here's the original lighting that inspired the project if you're curious or have the $7k+ to afford it.

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