Look! DIY Windowsill Planter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Forgive us, when we think of diy projects we tend to think about plants since they’re often a cheap way to brighten up a space (also we love growing things), so we admit, we’ve had plants on the brain this week. So remember when we blogged about that really small space succulent garden? Well we’re thinking of trying out this diy windowsill planter and recreating that little garden inside the house:

We spotted this great, simple diy windowsill planter on kalani kordus’ flickr site. Using an aluminum gutter mounted to the inside of the window sill with sheet metal screws (sealing the holes with silicon culk), they made this sweet little window planter that looks modern and useful. Great for a small space since it means that planter isn’t taking up any surface space.