Look! Dog Toy Fluff... Everywhere!

Look! Dog Toy Fluff... Everywhere!

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 22, 2008

We have this problem. We can't help but give our dogs toys that have stuffing in them. They enjoy it way too much. What's that line from the movie The Rock? "I'll take pleasure in guttin' you boy?" Well sometimes that's what we think is running through their little minds while they are spreading the toy guts to as many spots on the rug as possible. Click through the jump to give us your best idea on how to de-gut your carpet!

Meet Kyla. Kyla belongs to Amber over at MyAimIsTrue. Kyla shares the same passion for degutting stuffed toys as most dogs, we just wish there was an easier way to round up the 8lbs of stuffing that comes out of them.

Obviously the easiest answer is to simply not give them toys that contain such things. But what fun is that? Sure rubber toys are nice and they don't make a mess, but the sheer joy on their faces as they rip the squeakers out and proceed to pull the little bits of fluff jammed up in arms and eyeballs just makes us giggle.

So do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to removing the fuzz from your carpet? It seems to be sticking to our FLOR carpet tiles with great abundance and although a vacuum can pick it up, it's had a tendency to cause some clogging issues in the past.
Do you have a tried and true method for keeping your carpets clean when it comes time to restore them to theirde-furred beauty? Let us know below!

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