Look! Donut Shop On-the-Go

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Donuts for sale! Get your fresh, hot donuts!” In our fantasy life, an adorable little girl would be walking around, preferably in our living room, with a selection of delicious, hot-out-of-the-oven donuts. Maybe LiEr has this same fantasy since she outfitted her daughter with this clever “Donut Shop On-the-Go.”

LiEr made her daughters a carrying tray, striped hat, paper bags for their customers and a money pouch. And, she crafted some of the most mouth-watering play donuts you can imagine. What fun! She writes that this reminders her of the peanut and popcorn vendors at sporting events so you could make this toy even more versatile with different kinds of play food for your kids to “sell” depending on the season or their mood. (Ice cream anyone?)

You can read more and see more of LiEr’s creation (she is also the genius behind the foam and fabric play garden) on her blog Ikat Bag.