Look: Evan Gurgui's BagFix

Look: Evan Gurgui's BagFix

Gregory Han
Feb 5, 2009

It all starts out fine. You've got a couple spare plastic trash bags from the store you want to use as receptacle in your waste bin, so you put it in and wrap it around the edges, nice and neat. But by week's end when you need to empty it out, the plastic bag's edges have disappeared, somewhere under those crumpled pages of your first draft of the great American novel, a used tissue from your allergy attack, and a half eaten Kit-Kat bar (halfway through, you remembered your New Year's resolution). Yuck, indeed. Evan Gurgui's BagFix concept takes care of that issue with a simple but awfully smart "anchor point for the handles" which secures the bag into place and preventing it from falling into the deep recesses of your garbage bin. A simple tip of how to make your own below...

Yeah, we know, "this is a concept and we can't buy it!" We hear you and we have a very simple and affordable solution. So simple, we're doing it ourselves with our kitchen trash bin where bag slippage happens the most often and with the worst results.

The solution are these super affordable stick-on plastic hooks that are available online for $1.99 each; just install them on opposite ends, with hooks facing down and latch on the bags. We're almost sure we've seen for even cheaper at our local 99 Cents Only Store, so we're going to head on over as soon as the rain let's up and make our own "BagFix" and set our garbage bin straight.

[via Industrial Design Served]

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