Look! Floating Garden: Mixes Plants and Fishes

Look! Floating Garden: Mixes Plants and Fishes

Range Govindan
Jun 4, 2009

Aquariums are a really good way of integrating something very relaxing in your home. Whole living rooms can be designed around nicely placed aquarium. If you've ever kept fishes, you know that sometimes you need to clean your aquarium. In fact, you need to clean it often so that your fishes can survive. However, the products that you have to use aren't always green. They are chemicals of some sort.

The Floating Garden concept was created by Duende Studio. It's actually more than a concept. The one we feature here is a limited edition prototype. However, it is available for purchase and will be commercialized next year. Designer Benjamin Graindorge created a miniature ecosystem for apartments and smaller places. The main problem of any aquarium is the way that waste is eliminated. The way that Graindorge decided to proceed was with a 100% natural way of doing this using aquaponics and a gravel-based filtration system.

Gravel-based filtration lets water seep through a 2" layer of sand. Bacteria and larger impurities will be taken away as well as nitrogen, which in turn will become a nitrate. It's then that aquaponics come into play. The roots of the water-based plants will use the nitrates to grow. Once the two parts of this operation are completed, the water is recirculated into the aquarium. That's why it's called a floating garden. The plants themselves serve as a way of using the waste generated by the aquarium as a food. We think it's pretty cool. [via Trendsnow, photos by Duende Studio]

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