Look! Framed Children’s Albums

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we saw this photo we became suddenly sentimental for all the children’s records from our past that were unceremoniously sold off by our mother for 25 cents a pop at the annual neighborhood garage sale. It’s true that we had moved on to cassette tapes (remember those?) and traded in Disney classics for Tiffany and Tears for Fears, but we still wish we’d managed to hold onto those records and this would have been a perfect way to display them.

Both for the convenience and to save space we now download the majority of our music and have no idea what the album art is so it’s hard to imagine feeling nostalgic about it in the future. But a soft spot remains for the music of our childhood. We can so clearly picture all the animals on the cover of our Peter and the Wolf album and the Pepto pink cover of Free to Be You and Me. What do you remember? Did you keep your children’s albums?

(The image above is by Paper Pony and was spotted as an “Art of the Display” feature on Poppytalk).