Look! Fresco Wall & Metal Tables at Giorgione

Look! Fresco Wall & Metal Tables at Giorgione

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 29, 2010

After a pre-school meeting for Ursula on Tuesday night, Sara and I walked home in the cold and then ducked into Giorgione on Spring Street. I hadn't been there in years, and I was struck - again - by how beautiful the interior is. With a casual atmosphere, the interior design is NOT faux Italian like so many italian restaurants in NYC are (the owner is Giorgio Deluca of Dean & Deluca fame), and has a few elements that are definitely worth considering for home use.

My apologies for the pics, as I only had my iPhone on me that evening. I found a few others from their website and from the last time we were there in 2007: Look! Impressive Details at Giorgione.

>> Giorgione Website

Blue Fresco Wall

This huge back wall isn't so much painted as it's been fresco'd with deep blue pigment. From top to bottom the color density changes and the light illuminating it from below has a remarkable effect. Considering an accent wall like this over simply painting is the big idea here. Particularly in a dining room or living area, this would be a show stopper. For a starting point on approaches to this very green style, check out: Best Eco Paints 2009: No-VOC and Non-Toxic.


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Blue wall. Fresco on plaster? Blue pigment changes from bottom to top and even water marks from leaks in windows add character. This bottom pic is from 2007 when we last went there.

Bright Nickel Wrapped Tables

These tables were made for the restaurant out of metal high nickel stainless steel? or just nickel? over plywood. The effect is an incredibly soft, lustrous and shiny surface that ages nicely.

Someone looking at these pics thought that the metal was zinc, but zinc is not as shiny and bright. If anyone has a good lead, please let us know. Meanwhile, I've got a call into the restaurant and will report back if they will tell me anything.


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