Look! Coffee Table Playmats

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you liked the Autobahn Floor Tape last week, we think you’ll love these portable playmats for young Speed Racers. Sonia’s mother made these for her grandsons a few years ago and we’re itching to try something similar.

The landscapes Sonia’s mother created lend a bit of structure, but are open enough to encourage imaginative play. And all the fabric she used was on hand or recycled – sweet! In addition to all the fun they’ll provide for the boys when they’re young, they are a wonderful keepsake to remind them of their childhood and their grandmother.

These were made specifically to fit Sonia’s coffee table, but you could also use them on the floor, outdoors or fold them up for a trip to grandma’s. In the years since these were made Sonia has gotten pretty crafty herself – check out her website, Cozy Memories, for links to her blog, Etsy shop and photos of all her own (and more of her mom’s) homemade goodness.