Look! Holly's Unprofessional Closet Redo

Look! Holly's Unprofessional Closet Redo

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 10, 2006

Inspired by the Messiest Closet Contest - or rather by not winning the contest - Holly set out to redo her own closet and reclaim a small portion of her life. Following is her story which is worthy of a small Oscar and should earn her a place on Oprah:

Where I began was as a candidate for "Messiest Closet in New York" and hoping for the votes to win me a professional redo. You saw the evidence. Not pretty. But apparently not messy enough to win. But I did rate a copy of Apartment Therapy which tells me I did everything backward. (I repainted my apartment last year, which I now see as putting lipstick on a pig.) Now I needed to deal with the pig.

I let go of clothes that don't fit and I seldom wore and with ruthless weeding, I filled several trash bags with clothes to donate. I sorted through papers, discarding most. I felt tremendously free.

At the lumber shop at 96th Street, I got shelves cut to fit and installed them myself with my new power drill.

I painted the closet spanking white during one steamy weekend.

After a week of not receiving an estimate from the professional Handymen of NYC who I want to move the gridwall from the door to inside the wall, cut thin boards as subflooring to cover the horrible old floor, and then lay vinyl, I decided to do all these jobs myself.

I scored a piece of ¾ inch wood and ¼ inch board from a local cabinet shop and discovered a local carpenter willing to cut them for me in ten days for $150. No way! I rented an electric saw and did it myself.

And here are the results of my unprofessional closet redo. Here are the befores and afters. Note the floor, the neat shelves of organized stuff. I am especially pleased with the gizmo I devised to hang my iron board neatly out of the way but very reachable.

Moving my broom and mop from the kitchen's broom closet freed that space up for another shelf as part of my pantry.

Now when I open my closet door, I am pleased and proud rather than embarrassed.

Before, overflowing and mortifying

Before, a teetering mess

Too much!

Too many clothes blocking shelves in the back

Gridwall stored my iron, umbrellas, but mostly for hanging bags on.

Painted, see how little hangs in here now

Hooks now hold the bags

Eye screws and S-hooks with loops of cord-- my device to hold my iron board

Cleared and ready for paint and a new floor

I cut this board myself and created the subfloor

New home for the gridwall inside closet now holds the iron, a rain poncho, brooms, mop and umbrellas.

And see the floor?

Nothing spills out anymore

Laundry box in better spot, too

A place for everything

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