Look: How to Camp with Pets

Look: How to Camp with Pets

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 8, 2008

Camping is a favorite activity among Austin residents, what with all the wonderful land in Texas to camp in. Since campsites can sometimes be your rustic home away from home, it's only natural to want to take your favorite pets with you! Bringing your furry friends along can present a whole set of issues, though...

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not your cat or dog can come camping with you is their personality. Is your pet one that scurries away and hides when they hear a noise they don't know? Or do they bound away to investigate? Do they like new places and new smells? Or do they prefer the comfort of their own spaces?

You'll also want to research whether the place you want to camp allows pets. Some parks and campgrounds allow pets everywhere, some only allow them at campsites and even others outlaw pets altogether. Check with park rangers on the rules before departing.

Once you've determined whether or not camping would be a good fit for your pet, consider taking along these items just for them (taken from an article written by Liz Smith):

  • Food and Water for them
  • Their own pet bowls
  • Collapsible pet bowls for hiking
  • Poop bags (remember: hike in, hike out)
  • A long leash or rope so your pet doesn't wander into the woods alone
  • Glow sticks (to attach to your pet so you know where they are in the dark)
  • A comfortable pet bed to place in your tent or separate pet tent for them if they are disruptive sleepers
  • First Aid items for them (any allergy medication they might use or emergency items for animals)

Have you ever camped with your cat and dog? How did it go? What steps did you take to make sure your pet was happy and comfortable? Let us know!

[Photo credit: Dogs camping photo by Flickr user [Photo credit: Opening photo by Megan //onechick.com/smog/archive/2006_12_01_index.html] ">Blogalice; Cats camping photo from Funny Cat Pictures ]

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