Look!: Inspiring and Organized Corner Offices

Look!: Inspiring and Organized Corner Offices

Beth Zeigler
Feb 18, 2009

021909desk-02.jpgWe have our own corner office at home and we absolutely love it. The trick to making a corner office work (when you have limited space) is to go vertical. Our desk at home takes up a mere six square feet (and since our office shares a room with our bedroom) it has to be extremely organized. We've rounded up some essentials for making a corner office efficient with more pics after the jump.

We really love William's corner office admist his heart pine walls. Because William's corner office is working with less desk top space than that of a traditional desk, containers with labels stacked above are essential. Instead of paperwork cluttering up an already small space, the project you're working on has a place to land when you're done. We spotted a few items in particular that are keeping William's office in tip-top shape.

  • Decorative boxes and magazine files with labels
  • Two organized bulletin boards for important information to keep at the fingertips
  • Reference books stacked neatly that are referred to often
  • Adjustable shelving so that the office can grow with your changing needs and systems
  • Task lighting
  • A drawer that attaches to the desk without taking up much needed leg room in a small space

Instead of going vertical in his corner office, bitrocker takes a simple desk and adds storage by his side (out of his immediate view while working). Bitrocker keeps his small space streamlined by...

  • Sticking to a neutral color palette. Using a white desk and side table, the furniture seems to blend in with the decor, making the office area seem bigger.

    We've covered Christy's work zone on AT before and it's well worth repeating. Like William, Christy's desk utilizes vertical space with DIY shelving. Because Christy's actual surface space is super minimal, she's gone upward and outward with her storage.

  • Think outside the box. We love Christy's use of decorative stools to hold paperwork and incoming projects.
  • In addition to vertical space, Christy utilizes wall space to her immediate left for important paperwork that needs to be within reach. A wall pocket organizer is a great alternative to a bulletin board.

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