Look!: Irving Harper Did it First

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The DNA style lamp not only seems to be popular, it also has elicited a small spat over who designed it first. Michael Silverberg from Metropolis wrote in recently to set the record straight. We’re glad he did too, because we already got into trouble a few years ago for blogging another DNA clone, The Atomic Chandelier by David Allen (who seems to have disappeared). (Thanks, Michael!)

Today, when I clicked through to the familiar-looking DNA light, by Buro fur Form, I noticed that the Dutch designer Chris Kabel had already responded to the orginal reluct.com post with a claim that the light was lifted from his own 2002 1totree.

The truth is, Irving Harper created an industrial light about fifty years that both designs pass off as their own. You can see the resemblance in an article that we ran in 2001.

Best, Michael Silverberg, Metropolis