Kickbee Twittering Pregnancy Belt

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the second half of our pregnancy the nurse at our doctor’s office always asked if the baby was kicking a lot and at first we thought she was just being friendly. Then we realized she was asking us a medical question and that we should be paying closer attention to kicking frequency which, after the first month or two, had lost its novelty. Had we been wearing a Kickbee our baby’s every kick, be it it a punt or wallop, would be announced and recorded on Twitter.

We first read about the Kickbee, a prototype invention of Corey Menschler, which was mentioned in a New York Times article, Putting Twitter’s World to Use, by Claire Cain Miller and we’ve continued reading about it on Corey’s online portfolio. He writes, As an expectant father, I am once-removed from the physical knowledge my wife has of our baby and its development. With the Kickbee, I wanted to create a device that would give me a chance to be aware of our baby’s movements.

Personally we can’t imagine wearing this belt around the house much less in public, but Menschler’s idea garnered so much interest after he demonstrated it at the recent ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) Show in New York that he’s considering marketing the device.

The Kickbee’s Twitter feed has turned into more of a publicity mechanism since Corey’s son, Tyler, was born in January, but it didn’t take long for Tyler to start tweeting