Look!: Kidisms

Look!: Kidisms

Carrie McBride
Jun 13, 2007

Kids really do say the darndest things!

"Kidisms" - those funny comments only kids can make. Sometimes they're innocent and naive; other times they're wise beyond their years. Either way, their kid logic will have you smiling and laughing.

The website Maya's Mom features kidisms and invites readers to add their own. Here's a few of our favorites (after the jump) to whet your appetite.

Me: "You do not speak to an adult in that tone of voice."
My 6-year-old son: "But we can yell at babies, right?"

"Last night, I saw the moon looking at me through my bedroom window. It watched me all night. I think it's working for Santa."

Griffin (5): "Mom, when I'm older, can I still live here?"
Cathleen: "Of course, honey."
Griffin: "Oh, I'm so glad - my children are going to love it here!"

"Mommy, I know why people are called people. Because their heads are shaped like peas and their bodies look like poles."

"Dad, here's your butt purse." (translation: wallet)

"It's okay, Mom. Just use your little plastic card."

"Here's the tushy toothpaste!" Ben, 2, handing me a tube of diaper cream.

(Image by Cold Mountain Pix 13 via Flickr.)

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