Look! Large Scale Plants

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Wow. We forget that plants can act as a sculpture within a room. As this photo from incredibly talented Debi Treloar illustrates, a plant can be much more than just something to water that sits on the sill.

We love that the the plant has been groomed to go in certain directions that help to frame the dresser and really create a beautiful vignette. Having seen some larger scale plants like this in my grandmother’s house, I noticed that tying the branches together (or to their supports) with pretty ribbon can be a beautiful, unexpected detail.

Something this large is most likely a rubber plant which has thick waxy leaves (in green and burgundy) and doesn’t need loads and loads of light. It does need moist soil and enough light though. Make sure you plant it in a big enough pot as the roots need plenty of room to breathe. Find out how to care for your rubber plant. Thanks to desire to inspire for the original posting!

It should also be noted that rubber plants are toxic if eaten so if you have children or animals you may want to consider something else!