Look: Luxury TVs Are Already On the Outs?

Look: Luxury TVs Are Already On the Outs?

Taryn Williford
Jul 24, 2009

It's funny how technology dissappears. One day you're trying to collect the entire Star Wars collection on VHS tapes, and the very next day it seems like you can't even give away tapes. Our local library is cleaning out stock and giving away some of their collection—the books all disappear as fast as they can put them out, but I've seen the same VHS-tape version of JFK sitting there for weeks. It got us wondering about what the next tech will be to go obselete. Funny then, that we saw this image on Flickr...

Titled "First Abandoned Flat Screen TV I've Seen," it begs the question of why is there a seemingly perfectly fine, gorgeous TV sitting out on a stoop in San Francisco (we checked the picture tags).

Maybe the image is staged as some kind of comment or critique. Maybe the TV is broken beyond repair in some way that isn't instantly visible. Maybe the owner was in the middle of moving and is sitting just out of the frame taking a phone call.

Or maybe the owner is ahead of the curve and really is getting rid of the TV. With the way that internet-based television is coming in vogue, could the switch from glam TV sets to luxury computer monitors in the living room be the next big thing?

Image from mlinksva at Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

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