Mega Roundup of Touch Free Motion Sensor Tech Devices

Mega Roundup of Touch Free Motion Sensor Tech Devices

Jason Yang
Nov 21, 2011

Where is our future with automatic Star Trek/Star Wars sliding doors? Is the best we can do really automated toilets in the local pub? We decided to look back through all of our coverage to find out just how much automatic motion sensing technology is available to us through the years.

Motion Sensor Lights
You'd think we have motion sensing lights easily handled, but why do so few homes have them installed? It's quick and easy, and we've got several guide to show you how to install them. Beware the sudden lights off office syndrome.

Household Tech
Don't think just because it's your own bathroom that the toilet is any more sanitary than a public restroom. Okay, maybe a bit, but still the more hands off we can get in this area, the better!

Home Security
We're not talking Defcon 1 level automated defenses here, but rather simple motion sensing security devices. Where is our future of home security? Not very close to today, unfortunately.

Cellular Headsets
Remember way back when there would be a random stranger who at first seemed to be talking to us and then to themselves? Then we realized they were wearing one of those new-fangled headsets. Common as carrying a phone nowadays, hands free headsets are a great way to multi-task and communicate without a brick of a smart phone pressed against your ear all the time.

Hands Free Pet Tech
Our pet friends don't have to be envious of Astro's futuristic tech toys. They can join in all the fun now!

Hands Free Gaming
Hands free gaming is one hands free tech that has hit the prime time with Kinect! It's awesome fun and some exercise too.

Foot controlled mouse? Infrared motion sensing mousetrap table? DIY motion sensor camera kit? Motion sensor monitor? Sure!

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