Look! Monochromatic!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apparently, the secret to French chic-ness is not in the latest Karl Lagerfeld collection, but in the simple principle that a person finds the shape that fits their body, and creates outfits based on that shape using different colors and textures. In the same vein, it’s a lot easier to make decision when there are less options. So why not pare down the picks: limit yourself to one color for one room, and go buckwild with shades and textures.

At first we were a bit wary with the whole monochromatic scheme (the latest issue of Domino had a little feature on it, but it didn’t tickle our toes), but then when we were browing through our latest obsession VT Wonen, we were giddy over their monochromatic bedrooms! (OK, so the green one cheats a little bit with that fitted bed sheet and the headboard, but it looks amazing, pops out, yadda yadda–we want it. All of it.)